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Research>> Centre of Excellence for Intelligent Sensors and Systems (ISenS) >>

Centre of Excellence for Intelligent Sensors and Systems (ISenS)

Dr. Satish Kumar
Chief Scientist
Tel:(+91)-172-2672 344
Email: satish[at]csio[dot]res[dot]in


Intelligent instrumentation emerges as an interdisciplinary engineering specialty motivated by a revolutionary impact of computing on engineering analysis and design. They also relies highly on soft computing techniques and algorithms; the quest to investigate and develop algorithms is need of the hour. Novel sensors, measurement techniques and miniaturization also demand efficient computing and machine learning techniques. The institute has already initiated research towards intelligent sensing systems in societal and strategic sector and has recently developed Earthquake Warning System (EqWS), Unattended Ground Sensing System, Intelligent Elephant Movement Detection and Alert System, Artificial Organoleptic System (AoS) for flavour analysis etc. The state of the art research and development facilities along with highly qualified and trained manpower available, the centre is poised to make a significant contribution to Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan. To give a thrust to the activities related to artificial intelligence based sensing applications, particularly for defence applications, a Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Intelligent Sensors and Systems (ISenS) was envisaged. This houses state of the art testing facilities for acoustic, seismic, infra-red imaging modalities, AoS etc., and other sensors & networks with strong computational facilities to provide the artificial intelligence. This CoE would give a fillip to the Institutional activities on security & surveillance systems and other activities that are important for strategic purposes.
The Objective of the Centre are:
• To conduct Research and Development for societal and strategic purpose using multi-sensing modalities with machine intelligence framework.
• To provide customized intelligent solution to the users, also in line with ‘Atam Nirbhar Bharat’ , ‘Shaskhat Bharat’ and ‘Poshan Abhiyan’.
• To collaborate with industries, academia and other research institutes.
• To achieve strong international linkages for collaborations in the futuristic research work.
• To provide research and innovation platform for students and research scholars
  • Deep learning framework for human action recognition
  • Subsurface defect detection using infrared thermography
  • Intelligent sensing system for Elephant Movement Detection
  • AI powered multi-sensing based technological solutions for perimeter monitoring
  • Radiometric Infrared Image Analysis
  • Anthropogenic activity detection and characterization
  • Computational Techniques and Machine intelligence for Earthquake Early Warning System
  • Transient data acquisition console for Drone applications
  • Divya Nayan – A portable reading machine for Visually Impaired
  • Design and Development of Remote Voting Machine
  • Machine Learning framework for smell and flavor discrimination
  • CSIR-Digital Food Safety Portal System 2.0 Digital Food Safety Portal, analytics and Digitalization of the Indian Burden of Foodborne Diseases, Chemicals Risk Assessment as well as food design using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Tools
  • Collective intelligence to understand social phenomena
  • AI based tools for pest severity prediction for farmers
  • Development of AI techniques to characterise the risk indicators for nutritional deficiencies
Knowledge DomainSensors/ToolsApplication Domain
Artificial IntelligenceAcoustics sensorsEarthquake Warning
Embedded systemsSeismic SensingTech for Wildlife monitoring
Image ProcessingThermal Infrared Imaging Instrumentation for Safety and Security of Vital Installations
Signal ProcessingUWB SensingNon-destructive testing and evaluation
MagneticPredictive Maintenance
E-Nose and Human Action Recognition
E-Tongue Artificial Flavour Discrimination
Artificial intelligence, Natural language processing, Network scienceSocial media analyticsStudy crowd behaviour, fake news propagation, opinion dynamics modelling
    Semi-Anechoic Chamber Noise level of less than 20dB
    Seismic Pillar
  • Pillar for recording of earthquake signatures of size 8x5x9 ft
  • Strong Motion Recording
    Uncooled Thermal Infrared Cameras
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2.Technologies ready to Transfer
3.Patents Granted
4.Patents Filed

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