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Technologies for Health Care
Air-ducts of HVAC  Systems

Circulating Air Flow Systems

DivyaNayan – A Personal Reading Machine For Visually Impaired
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Dual Face Pocket Braille Writer
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Surgical Microscope
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Low Vision Aids (LVAS)
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6MeV Medical Linear Accelerator
Download(166KB)Image Not Found
Cephalometric Analyser
Download(570KB)Image Not Found
Finger Gesture Controlled Intelligent Patient Vehicle
Download(381KB)Image Not Found
Exoskeleton Device
Download(341KB)Image Not Found
Electronic Knee
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Above Elbow Myo-Electric Arm
Download(144KB)Image Not Found
Linear Hydraulic Artificial Knee Joint
Download(320KB)Image Not Found
Virtual Intelligent Techniques For Rehabilitation Of Persons With Motor Disability (VIBHRA)
Download(505KB)Image Not Found
Postural Stability Assessment System
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Download(330KB)Image Not Found
Pulse Oximeter
Download(514KB)Image Not Found
VeinViz: Image-Guided Vein Visualizer
Download(330KB)Image Not Found
Batch Analyser For Clinical Chemistry
Download(206KB)Image Not Found
Clinical Chemistry Analyser
Download(160KB)Image Not Found
Foot Controlled Water Tap
Download(211KB)Image Not Found

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