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DivyaNayan – A Personal Reading Machine for Visually Impaired 
DivyaNayan is a reading machine for visually impaired or illiterate person where any printed or digital document can be accessed in the form of speech output. The device uses a contact line scanner for acquiring the image of a printed document. User manually scans the document by placing the machine on printed document without knowing the direction of text flow, over the document to be read. It uses optical character recognition technique to convert the image into text and a text to speech converter, further converts the text into audio. The audio files are organized in the machine and can be listened back. The device is standalone, portable, completely wireless and IoT enabled. The device can analyse a multicolumn document to provide seamless reading and is capable of page, text, and word level navigation while reading. It has currently support for reading Hindi and English but can be further configured to other Indian and foreign languages. The device is equipped with user inter-faces such as internal speaker, rechargeable battery, USB, headphones, SD card, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to control the machine. 
  • Stand-alone, portable, completely wireless and IoT enabled
  • Currently supports Hindi, English documents reading in Indian accent.
  • Configurable for other Indian and foreign languages
  • Multifunctional (Read printed text, e-books, e-news)
  • Document storage and updates via cloud
  • Page orientation detection and correction
  • Capable to read Multi-column document
  • Online Hindi and English news reading
  • Capable of page, text, and word level navigation
  • Rechargeable and detachable Lithium ion battery
  • Battery run time of up to 3 hours 12 CSIR-Central Scientific Instruments Organisation
  • Auto-standby for longer battery runtime  Internal memory of 32 GB for document storage

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