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Manufacturing Science and instrumentation (MSI)

Dr. Sachin Tyagi

Principal Scientist
Tel: (+91)-172-2672-474
Email: sachintyagi[at]csio[dot]res[dot]in



The PMS FMC is engaged in design and development of precision instruments and fabrications. The division is working and supporting various sponsored and in house projects of strategic and civilian applications for defence PSU, Govt organizations and local MSME private industry. The division has vast expertise in completing high value projects. The division has rich experience in different domains such as automation, system design, system fabrication, system integration & evaluation.


1.         Electronics
2.         Instrumentation
3.         Mechanical Assembly
4.         Earth Science and Earthquakes
5.         Mechanical Design & fabrication
6.         Assembly
7.         Automation
8.         Cartesian Robotic Systems
9.         Airworthiness Design & Qualifications
Mechanical engineering department deals with the following important streams with large infrastructural support:
  • Material science, mechanical properties of materials, components and assemblies.
  • Mechanical designing using various software such as Inventor, SolidWorks, CATIA etc.
  • Dynamic/ kinematic simulation using Inventor, SolidWorks etc.
  • Finite Element Analysis using Ansys, Solidworks, Hyperworks etc.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Aviation grade Precision fabrication service at micron level using Lathe, Milling, Jig Boring, Grinding machines dedicated for precision fabrication work along with other heavy machineries.
  • Thermodynamics, Heat treatment, surface hardening, Coating using Electroplating/ anodizing
  • Welding using spot, arc, TIG etc.
  • Testing and Inspection and Calibration using Laser interferometer for Nanometric measurement, Universal measuring instrument, Tool maker’s microscope along with other micron level instruments.

       Presently it has aligned to the following major fields.

  1. Instrumentation for Defense & Aviation
  2. 3D Metal Printing Technology
  3. 3D Bio Printing Technology
  4. Freeze drying system (Industrial Lyophiliser)
  5. Honey Harvesting & Extraction technology
  6. Bamboo Processing Technologies
  7. Laser Machining Technology
  8. Advance Pyroelectric material and technology
  9. Vacuum engineering
  10. Subzero material processing

1. Completed
2. Ongoing
1. Technologies Transferred
2. Technologies ready to Transfer
3. Patents Granted
4. Patents Filed
5. Publication

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