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BioMedical Instrumentation

Mr. Dinesh Pankaj
Senior Principal Scientist & Vertical Incharge 
Fax: (+91)0172-2657267
ext: 278(O)
Email: dineshpankaj[at]csio[dot]res[dot]in 



Biomedical Instrumentation is one of the important areas of R&D in CSIO and the group is actively engaged in the development of medical technologies. The focus areas are Diagnostics & therapeutic devices, Rehabilitation & Assistive technologies for elderly & differently abled population, Imaging based medical devices and Advanced manufacturing based orthopedic implants. Few of the R&D areas where the group is currently working on are Bio-Signal based closed loop control of robotic ankle therapy device (Bio-Rehab), Machine for performing Double Volume Exchange Transfusions, Motor Rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy using virtual intelligence, Technological solutions for contactless alive/dead detection of victim soldier in battle field, Ligament injury assessment & therapy device for motor-rehabilitation (L-GEAR), Image-guided vascular vein visualizer (VeinViz), Electromyogram (EMG) controlled below elbow prosthesis, Multifunctional care device for army personnel.


The group has expertise in following areas specific to medical instrumentation: 
1. Signal Processing
2. Electronic Design & Instrumentation, Electronic Control
3. Mechanical Design & Fabrication, CAD Modeling, FEA,
4. Biomechanics & Gait Analysis
5. Medical Robotics
6. Machine Vision, Image Processing
7. Machine Learning & Soft-computing
8. Orthopedic Implant Design & Manufacturing
9. Heat Transfer & Thermal Therapeutics


  1.           Heat Treatment
2.           GAIT Lab
3.           CARE Lab
4.           Metal 3D Printing Lab
5.           Plastic 3D Printing
6.           Force Measurement System
7.           CAD Modeling & Analysis (using Autodesk Inventor, ANSYS, ADAMS, MIMICS, FE-Safe, ABAQUS, Magics,
              Simpleware Scan-IP, Anybody etc.),
8.           Contact Angle Measurement
9.           Shot-Peening Machine
10.          Wire-cut EDM

1. Completed
2. Ongoing
1. Technologies Transferred
2. Technologies ready to Transfer
3. Patents Granted
4. Patents Filed
5. Publication

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