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S. No. Title Description Download
1 निविदा संख्या सीईएसआईओ/3(26)2020-क्रय/Tender No. CSIO/3(26)2020-PUR

Procurement of Mechanical 3D Designing Software
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2 निविदा संख्या सीईएसआईओ/3(14)2020-क्रय/Tender No. CSIO/3(14)2020-PUR

Optical fluorescence Microscope as per Tender document
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निविदा संख्या सीईएसआईओ/3(44)2020-क्रय/Tender No. CSIO/3(44)2020-PUR

Supply, Installation, Testing and commissioning of Fire Alarm System as per Tender document
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4 निविदा संख्या सीईएसआईओ/4(96)2020-क्रय/Tender No. CSIO/4(96)2020-PUR

Accessory of electrochemical analyzer, bipotentiostat module
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5 निविदा संख्या सीईएसआईओ/3(45)2020-क्रय/Tender No. CSIO/3(45)2020-PUR

Supply, Installation, testing and commissioning of Fire Alarm System
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निविदा संख्या सीईएसआईओ/3(30)2020-क्रय/Tender No. CSIO/3(30)2020-PUR

Procurement of Honeycomb Breadboards with Vibration Isolation Support detailed specs as per tender
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निविदा संख्या सीईएसआईओ/4(171)2020-क्रय/Tender No. CSIO/4(171)2020-PUR

Lock in Amplifier detailed specifications as per attached Annexure 1
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8 निविदा संख्या सीईएसआईओ/3(16)2020-क्रय/Tender No. CSIO/3(16)2020-PUR

Procurement of Thermal/IR Camera System Handheld
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निविदा संख्या सीईएसआईओ/3(43)2020-क्रय/Tender No. CSIO/3(43)2020-PUR

Procurement of Diving Pump KTF Detailed Specifications as per Tender Document
Click here Image Not Found[1070KB]

Annual Maintenance Contract for FT-IR Spectrometer
Click here Image Not Found[1094KB]

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