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S. No. Title Description Download
Tender No. CSIR-CSIO/ μNOC/ GAP0472/2023-24/01

Laser power meter with sensor
Click here Image Not Found[1422KB]
Tender No. CSIR-CSIO/ µNOC/ GAP0440/2023-24/01

Fabrication and test results of the set of four lenses as per specifications
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Bid Number/बोली क्रमांक (बीड संख्या):GEMGEM/2023/B/3505127

CST STUDIO SUITE Research Base Pack Perpetual License of CST STUDIO
Click here Image Not Found[80KB]
Tender No. CSIO/3(3)2023/ निविदा संख्या सीएसआईओ/CSIO/3(3)202-क्र

Expression of Interest for Inductively Coupled Plasma Reactive Ion Etching System detailed spec encl
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Tender No. CSIO/3(4)2023/ निविदा संख्या सीएसआईओ/CSIO/3(4)2023-क्र

Expression of Interest for UV Laser for Interference Lithography detailed specifications enclosed
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Tender No. CSIO/3(37)2022/ निविदा संख्या सीएसआईओ/CSIO/3(37)2022-क्र

Procurement of EOS Ti64 ELI Powder detailed specifications as per enclosed tender document
Click here Image Not Found[4890KB]
Tender No. CSIO/7(7)/2023-Pur/ निविदा संख्या सीएसआईओ/7(7)/2023-क्रय

Repair of SP-150 on N200 Machine
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Tender No. CSIO/3(1)/2023-Pur/ निविदा संख्या सीएसआईओ/3(1)/2023-क्रय

Fabrication of Hard Master/Mold for Optical blazed and binary gratings tentative specifications encl.
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Tender No. CSIR-CSIO/ µNOC/ GAP0472/2023-24/01

Laser power meter with sensor
Annexures to be duly filled by vendor
Image Not Found[264KB]
Click here Image Not Found[1206KB]
Tender No. CSIO/3(2)/2023-Pur/ निविदा संख्या सीएसआईओ/3(2)/2023-क्रय

Expression of Interest for procurement of Electron Beam Lithography tentative specification enclosed
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