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S. No. Title Description Download
Global Tender No. CSIO/3(7)2022-Pur/ वैश्विक निविदा संख्या सीएसआईओ/3(7)/2022-क्रय

Procurement of Atomic Force Microscope as per Tender Document
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Tender No. CSIO/7(292)2022-Pur/ निविदा संख्या सीएसआईओ/7(292)/2022-क्रय

Spares of Electrochemical workstation of model IM6( Zahneer Electrochemical workstataion)
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Tender No. CSIO/7(255)2022-Pur/ निविदा संख्या सीएसआईओ/7(255)/2022-क्रय

AMC of Diamond Turning Equipmentnanoform-200 for 2 years
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Tender No. CSIO/7(304)2022-Pur/ निविदा संख्या सीएसआईओ/7(304)/2022-क्रय

Lock in Amplifier as per NIT
Click here Image Not Found[900KB]
Tender No. CSIO/3(30)2022-Pur/ निविदा संख्या सीएसआईओ/3(30)/2022-क्रय

Procurement of Biopotentiostat Module details as per tender document
Click here Image Not Found[1692KB]
Tender No. CSIO/3(33)2022-Pur/ निविदा संख्या सीएसआईओ/3(33)/2022-क्रय

Procurement of RF Sputtering Power Supply 1KW detailed specifications as per enclosed tender
Click here Image Not Found[1567KB]
NIT No. Bid Number: GEM/2022/B/2822936

Rack Server, SQL Server , Windows server , Rails etc for installtion in the rack, installation and commisoning
Click here Image Not Found[82KB]
Global Tender No. CSIO/3(4)2022-Pur/ वैश्विक निविदा संख्या सीएसआईओ/3(4)/2022-क्रय

Procurement of Spin Coating/Photoresist Coating System details as per Tender Document
Click here Image Not Found[1462KB]
Global Tender No. CSIO/3(24)2022-Pur/ वैश्विक निविदा संख्या सीएसआईओ/3(24)/2022-क्रय

Procurement of X-Ray Source etc. detailed specifications as per Tender Document
Click here Image Not Found[1582KB]
Tender No. CSIO/3(6)2022-Pur/ निविदा संख्या सीएसआईओ/3(6)/2022-क्रय

Procurement of Non Contact Optical Surface Profilometer details as per Tender Document
Click here Image Not Found[1139KB]

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