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Earthquake Investigation & Instrumentation

Earthquakes are the most devastating natural phenomenon which causes enormous loss of life and property. Earthquakes across all over the globe but are commonly restricted to certain zone that are attributed to active plate tectonics. However, recent studies show that there could be other drivers to major and minor earthquakes. Overall the phenomenon is much diverse that earlier thought and there is a long way to have a better understanding of it. On the other hand there are various instruments developed over time to record earthquakes, study different parameters of the earthquakes constrain fault geometry and understand implications. A Shake maps, hazard maps, scenario earthquakes have become common tools to understand and prepare for earthquakes, which of course cannot be stopped. Even predictions in short term are not possible. In such a scenario, there is a need to bring together different scientific communities with various expertise to know more about available instrumentation in the field of earthquakes and how they could be improvised (both by technology and spatial deployment) to reduce the risk and minimize the losses.

Seismographs are widely used to monitor and record feeble Seismic Signals with low frequency components at relatively low amplitudes levels under noisy environments. Analog Seismographs and digital seismographs with enhanced capabilities low power consumption with latest technology. The indigenous technology was perfected and several systems were supplied to IMD for use in their Seismic Observatories at different place in India. According to Director of IMD (Seismology Division), Analog smoked type Seismic recorders are working consistently and continuously and providing the data for earthquake monitoring in our Seismic Monitoring National Network from which we are immensely benefited for the vital national cause of earthquake monitoring in the country”

Main topics of conference :

  • Earthquake Investigations
  • Himalayan Seismicity
  • Seismic Sensors and Instrumentation
  • Earthquake Precursors and Landsildes
  • All allied & Applied field
  • Discussion on Future Directions
  • Poster competition for students (exciting prizes are to be won)
  • Poster competition open for all (exciting prizes are to be won)


Two Days Program Schedule

Day (23-09-2019 & 24-09-2019)Program (Click Here)

Important Dates

Abstract submissions by : 21st Sept. 2019
Decision by : 22nd Sept. 2019
Register by : 22nd Sept. 2019
Accommodation requests by : 22nd Sept. 2019

Accommodation may be provided on request for additional charges (as per availability)


Registration Fee

Research Students/Scholars: INR 1000/-
Academic/R&D: INR 2000/-
Industry professionals: INR 3000/-

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Agilent  AGMATEL Keysight


Dr. Kalachand Sain, FNASc, FAPAS, FTAS
Director, Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology

Eminent Speakers

Dr. N. Gopalakrishnan

Director, CSIR-CBRI Roorkee Keynote Speaker

Prof. Sunil Kumar Singh

Director, CSIR-NIO Goa Keynote Speaker

Prof. C.P. Rajendran

JNCASR, Bangalore

Dr. V. K. Gahalaut

CSIR NGRI, Hyderabad

Dr. M.L. Shrama

IIT Roorkee

Dr. R. C. Ramola

HNBGU Srinagar

Dr. Sushil Kumar

WIHG Dehradun

Dr D Srinagesh

CSIR-NGRI, Hyderabad

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Conference Organiser

Chief Patron : Prof R K Sinha
Patron : Mr. A Das
Convener : Dr. Tejpal Singh
Co-Convener : Mr. Vikash Chandra
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