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Sr. Principal Scientist
Optical Devices and Systems

Patent(s) Filed
Country Filed: India
Application Number: 2684DEL2015   Date of Filing: 28/08/2015

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Project(s) - OnGoing
1. Design, Development and Supply of Head Up Display System for AJT/HJT 36 Programme
Project Number: SSP0031   Project Investigator: VINOD KARAR
2. Design, Development and Upgrade of 1 QT Unit and 3 Flight Worthy HUD Units to MARK - 1N Standard for use on Tejas Navy and Supply of 1 Bore Sighting Tool
Project Number: GAP0308   Project Investigator: VINOD KARAR

Project(s) - Completed
1. Design, Development & Supply of Head Up Display for LCA
Project Number: SSP0015   Project Investigator: VINOD KARAR
2. Development of Lens Assembly for HUDWAC System
Project Number: SSP0026   Project Investigator: VINOD KARAR
3. Design, Development and Supply of Seven HUD Units (Cursive only)
Project Number: GAP0260   Project Investigator: VINOD KARAR
4. Procurement and Fitment of 10 CCD Cameras for Head Up Display (HUD) for Tejas
Project Number: GAP0287   Project Investigator: VINOD KARAR