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Dr. Sunita Mishra
Principal Scientist
ext: 289(O)




R&D Activities Includes:
  • Analytical and Cold Plasma Instrumentation
  • Micro-electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)
  • DNA Electronics, Bio-MEMS, Molecular Motors, Carbon Nanotubes and Quantum Dots.
In the area of analytical instrumentation, the group was concentrating on techniques and generic instruments for analysis of solid, liquid, gas
and plasma.  This has resulted in the development of instrumentation in the area of atomic and molecular spectroscopy in UV-VIS-IR & X-Ray
region.  Consultancy agreement was signed with M/s ESICO, Panchkula for sub-system development of Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer. 
Instruments based on Cold Plasma techniques for etching and deposition of thin films was developed. Ion texturing system was designed and developed in collaboration with CEERI Pilani for use in the development of traveling wave tubes (TWTs) for space applications.  The development of Cold Plasma based Ion Beam Texturising Technology for carbon-textured surface on copper for multi-stage depressed collectors (MDC) was also taken up. MoU and project consultancy agreement was entered with ASSCP-BHEL, Gurgaon for development of reactive ion etching (RIE) system for texturisation of multicrystalline silicon wafers for solar cell applications.
  • Bio-nanotechnology


  • Nano and Molecular Manipulation
  • Interfacing biomolecules
  • Scanning probe microscope based Nano-Manipulator.
  • Optical tweezers-cum-micro -dissector.
  • Molecular devices and MEMS Simulation.
  • Femto range(10-15)IV-CV Measurements.
  • Semiconductor processing.
  • Nanocalorimeter.
  • Confocal with co-relation spectroscopy.
  • Surface Plasmon resonance FESEM.
  • Desktop probe station.
  • NSOM(being added).
  • Raman Spectrometer(being added).

Technologies Available