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  • WISITEX International Institutional Award- Dr Pawan Kapur, Director, CSIO received the AUSANDHAN VIBHUSHAN Award given by Wistex international, Mumbai to CSIO. Chandigarh for Outstanding Contribution of their Institute in the field of Instrumentation. This programme was held at ITC.Grand Martha Sheraton, Mumbai 30, 2005.
  • Felicitations by Tea Research Association- The Tea Research Association and Community Felicitated Dr Pawan Kapur Director. CSIO during the 34th Tocklai Conference on Strategies for Quality in Digital Era, held during November 28-30, 2005 at orhat.This honor was conferred upon him in recognition of his pioneering efforts in introducing Electronics and Information Technology in Tea Process.
  • IETE Hari Ramji Toshniwal Gold Medal Award-Dr Lalit M Bhardwaj , Scientist F,CSIO ,Chandigarh has been awarded 16th IETE Hari Ramji Toshhniwal Gold Medal .This award was conferred upon him, in recognition of his distinguished contribution in initiating research activities in the domain of nanotechnology which will lead to design, development and production of electronic instruments for drug delivery and other related systems, by Shri Santosh Mohan Dev, Hon’ble Minister for heavy Industries Govt. of India on September 23, 2005 at Delhi during Inaugural Ceremony of Annual Technical Convention of IETE
  • IETE-CDIL Award for industry for best Technical Paper- The Institution of electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) has awarded IETE- CDIL Award for industry in the year 2005-06 to Dr MA Shamshi for his technical paper titled  ‘Technologies Convergence in Recent Instrumentation for Natural Disaster Monitoring for and Mitigation’ being adjudged as the best technical paper contributed by him. Dr MA Shamshi is currently working as Emeritus Scientist under CSIR at CSIO, Chandigarh after his superannuation as Scientist ‘G’ and Head, Geo Scientific Instrumentation Division of CSIO
  • Best Technical Paper Award- Shri NS Aulakh, Scientist B, CSIO received the best technical paper award at National Conference on Sensors held at Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology (TIET), Patiala during November 25-26,2005.
  • Smart Technology Award- The Indian Society for Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering (ISAMPE).Bangalore has selected the work on Development of Extrinsic Fabry Perot Interferometric (EFPI) Sensor for Smart Technology Applicants carried out by a team of CSIO Scientist, for its Annual K Suryanarain Rau Memorial Award for smart Technology Development for the year 2004. The award was presented to the team comprising of Dr RP Bajpai, the then Director CSIO; Dr AK Aggarwal, the then Scientist ‘G’ ; Mr. NS Mehla Scientist ‘F’ and Mr. Subash C Jain, Scientist EII During the 18th Annual General Meeting of ISAMPE HELD AT THE National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) Bangalore on July 30, 2004
  • Punjab Ratan Award- Dr RP Bajpai, the then Director, CSIO was honoured with Punjab Rattan Award at the Punjab & Haryana State Intellectuals Conference held at Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education &Research,Sector12, Chandigarh on September 12,2004
  • Best Sports Person in Table Tennis- Shri BS Virdi, Scientist E II,CSIO was awarded on CSIR Foundation Day 2004 for having been adjusted the best sports person in Table Tennis (Men) Individual in CSIR for the year 2003-04 based on his performance in XXXVI Sri Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar memorial (Indoor) Tournament held at RRL- Thiruvananthapuram during November 28-30, 2003. The award included a cash amount of Rs 5,000/- and a Citation.
  • Best Paper Presentation at International Conference -Best Paper Presentation Award was given to Sh. GS Khan , Scientist for his paper titled “Frequency Analysis of Nano-scale Roughness Formation in Single Point Diamond Turned Optical Surfaces” presented during International Conference on Opto-electronics Technology (ICOT-2004) held at North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon during January 12-14,2004.

Technologies Available

Control Module for Touch based Finger Gesture controlled Intelligent Patient Vehicle

Diffraction Lloyd Mirror Interferometer

Exoskeleton Device

Postural Stability Assessment System

Precision Iodine Value Analyser

Process Technology for Separation of Phosphor from CFL Waste

Process Technology of High Cost Metal Organic Framework Material ZIF-8 from Zinc Scraps 

Snow Multi-Parameter Probe

VIBHRA-Virtual Intelligent System for Rehabilitation of Persons with Motor Disability

Digital Grain Moisture Analyser

Pulse Oximeter

Head Up Display - HUD

Bore Sighting Tool - BSS

Ferro Fluid Based Liquid Cooling System

Antiglare Filter For Automobiles

Surgical Microscope For Eye Surgery

Myo Meter

Myoelecric Arm

Above Elbow Myo-electric Arm

Water Quality Monitoring Watchdog Pod

Earthquake Warning System

Electronic Knee

Portable Reading Machine For Visually Impaired

Autoceph (Software For 2-D Computerized Cephalometric Analysis

Air-Assisted Electrostatic Sprayer for Crops

Iodine Value Meter

Rice Grading System

Lonworks Based Energy-Management-System

Modbus Based Energy Mangement System

Induction Motor Efficiency Monitoring System

Portable Energy Audit Tool

Power Quality Anyalyser

Pump Efficiency Monitoring System

Low Cost Oxygen Monitor


Analog Seismic Recorder

Infra Red Based Snow Surface Temperature Probe

Snow Moisture Density Measurement System

Modified Lathe Tool Post

Linear Hydraulic Artificial Knee Joint

Dual Face Pocket Braille Writer

PC Based Fully Automatic Batch Analyser