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Jig Boring

Jig Boring Machine “ ACIERA” is designed to bore accurate holes with precise location and have consistency, repeatability in measuring system. The digital read out enable to display accurately its coordinates axis (X,Y&Z). The data of the coordinates are stored for any batch production required. The machine is of great utility in fabrication jigs & fixtures for large production of components offline. Both rotatory/angular and Cartesian coordinate system are use for accurate positioning and holing . The machine is also used for milling reference surfaces as per the need.

Hobbing Machine

The Hobbing Machine “MIKRON” (Swiss Make) is suitable for the hobbing of wheels and pinions with straight teeth. The hobbing of involute teeth using the self-generating hobs cutters with straight profile are its salient features. The teeth so produced are of epicycloidal profile and matches with that of the driven gear such as rack, pinion etc. The hobs have certain limitation towards the number of teeth to be cut and are mark in reference to the module or DP cutters. Special teeth, such as those for indexing gear of ratchet wheels, circular saws and chain wheels can also be produced.

Thread Grinding

Thread Grinding Machine “Matrix” (Swiss Make) is designed for the usage of minimum number of links in transmission mechanics so as to have more reliability, less accumulative errors and precision while machining. It is to carry out the right selection of pitches and its measurements as per the available standards. It provides highly accurate GO-NOGO gauges, gears, hobs, external threads, parallel or tapered, and plain or relieved of various standard pitches etc.

Facilities updated/procured recently

Recently procured CNC (computerized numerically control) vertical milling machine, Bridgeport Interact 4, series II has unique salient features i.e visualising the component on the monitor, before it is actually being machined and also its step-by-step programming. Besides the milling basic operations, free contouring in 3D adds complexity to the machine. Machined program if required, can be stored for any repeatability or batch production. In addition it is connected to PC through RS-232, serial interface for off line programming.

The specification of machine is as follows

Workable axis X 750mm
Y 350mm
Z 150mm
Repeatability 2.5 Microns
Accuracy +-1 Micron

Heidenhain and

Technologies Available

Control Module for Touch based Finger Gesture controlled Intelligent Patient Vehicle

Diffraction Lloyd Mirror Interferometer

Exoskeleton Device

Postural Stability Assessment System

Precision Iodine Value Analyser

Process Technology for Separation of Phosphor from CFL Waste

Process Technology of High Cost Metal Organic Framework Material ZIF-8 from Zinc Scraps 

Snow Multi-Parameter Probe

VIBHRA-Virtual Intelligent System for Rehabilitation of Persons with Motor Disability

Digital Grain Moisture Analyser

Pulse Oximeter

Head Up Display - HUD

Bore Sighting Tool - BSS

Ferro Fluid Based Liquid Cooling System

Antiglare Filter For Automobiles

Surgical Microscope For Eye Surgery

Myo Meter

Myoelecric Arm

Above Elbow Myo-electric Arm

Water Quality Monitoring Watchdog Pod

Earthquake Warning System

Electronic Knee

Portable Reading Machine For Visually Impaired

Autoceph (Software For 2-D Computerized Cephalometric Analysis

Air-Assisted Electrostatic Sprayer for Crops

Iodine Value Meter

Rice Grading System

Lonworks Based Energy-Management-System

Modbus Based Energy Mangement System

Induction Motor Efficiency Monitoring System

Portable Energy Audit Tool

Power Quality Anyalyser

Pump Efficiency Monitoring System

Low Cost Oxygen Monitor


Analog Seismic Recorder

Infra Red Based Snow Surface Temperature Probe

Snow Moisture Density Measurement System

Modified Lathe Tool Post

Linear Hydraulic Artificial Knee Joint

Dual Face Pocket Braille Writer

PC Based Fully Automatic Batch Analyser